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This will forever be the day the entire Supernatural cast got drunk on wine and live tweeted it.


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This explains a lot

lolololol, accurate

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Natsume was a good anime and gorgeous, but it was so soothing that I wanted to take naps instead of paying attention; lol.

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Everyone is short to you, Samsquatch.

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Drunk Florida Man Tries to Use Taco as I.D.



“Ground beef is not a valid form of identification. Not in Martin County, not in Los Angeles, not anywhere. A Florida man learned this the hard way, when he handed a taco to police officers who asked for his I.D. This was after he had passed out in his car. While sitting in the drive-through lane of a Taco Bell. And his engine caught fire.”

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Best news story ever. The whole article is worth a read. [It’s short!]

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Chrystina. Alex.
Meooww ^^ 

hahah <3 <3


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I love everything about this. Except Crying!Sam. I fucking hate when Sam cries. He did it so much in Season 5 that I stopped being able to take it seriously and when it came on the screen I was like, “Okay, shut up, move along, next scene.”

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